Craig Epplin

About me

I live in Portland, Oregon, and work at Portland State University. I love Portland, but also like getting out of town, either to places bigger and brighter or to areas mostly empty of humans (which are equally big and bright, just differently so). I've been here since 2009, except for one year in New York, and at Portland State since 2012.

Before that, I lived in Philadelphia, where I completed a PhD in Hispanic Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, and before that I was in Norman, Oklahoma, doing a BA at the University of Oklahoma. I grew up in southern Illinois, in a very small town—when I moved to Norman it felt big to me.

I studied and worked in Caracas at several points during my college years. My first trip there was my first time abroad, my first time in a real city, and my first time in a place where real political questions were being debated publicly. I've been lucky enough to travel lots since then—Mexico City and Buenos Aires are among my favorite places in the world.

Most days, I spend my time reading, writing, and teaching. Also cooking, walking, and making things (or trying to).